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Find the Joyful Leader Within
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Find the Joyful Leader Within
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ISBN-13: 9781636501130
<P><B>Rise to become a more joyful leader and empower your team to shine</B></P><P> The past few years have been very difficult for the early childhood field. Many leaders are burnt out and looking for ways to recapture their enthusiasm. </P><P> In <I>Find the Joyful Leader Within: Banishing Burnout in Early Childhood Education</I>, author Teresa A. Byington offers strategies for helping teachers reimagine purpose, develop meaningful connections with staff and families, communicate with care, and reflect to build on strengths. Help your staff rediscover their connections, teamwork, and camaraderie. </P><ul><li> Rejuvenate your commitment. </li><li> Reimagine your purpose. </li><li> Reclaim your spark. </li><li> Rediscover your joy! </li></ul>
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