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"Farewell, Nikola"
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"Farewell, Nikola"
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Saga Egmont International
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ISBN-13: 9788726612844
Doctor Nikola sets out on another adventure, which this time leads him to Venice. There he meets the old acquaintance – Richard Hatteras – whose fiancée Nikola had kidnapped, and time hasn’t resolved their conflict. Will Richard want to seek revenge? Find out in "Farewell, Nikola", a short story which is a part of the "Doctor Nikola" series by Guy Boothby.

Guy Boothby was an Australian author who lived in the period 1867-1905. His earlier works described life in Australia, but he gained wide popularity with his later fiction, which offered a vivid combination of crime, science fiction and horror stories.

Boothby is well known for his Doctor Nikola series, a collection of novels telling the story of an occultist who seeks immortality and world domination.

Other popular stories by him are "A Prince of Swindlers", which tells the story of a thief, and "Uncle Joe's Legacy and Other Stories", which is a collection of ghost stories. All in all, Guy Boothby left the world a colourful and rich literary legacy.
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