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Macros & Basic with OpenOffice Calc
Macros & Basic with OpenOffice Calc
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ISBN-13: 9782490275816
<p>This book focuses on the macros you can record with OpenOffice CALC. A macro is actually a BASIC procedure that you can modify in a specific programming environment. It enables you to create customized applications to control the objects interaction in the spreadsheet accurately. You will learn how to develop a dialogue box to manage information easily. </p><p>BASIC programming is relatively simple to understand and all the exercises of this book will help you to achieve manual actions automatically.<br/><br/><br/>ABOUT THE AUTHOR<br/><br/><b>Rémy Lentzner </b>has been an IT trainer since 1985. Specialized in mastering office automation tools, he supports companies in the professional training of their employees. Self-taught, he has several computer books to his credit.<br/></p>