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Textiles guide
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Textiles guide
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ISBN-13: 9782377811052
Textiles are part of our lives but we are not always familiar with them. Knowing how to choose them and how to use them is essential to better respect and optimise the resources at our disposal. <br>Designed with the user in mind, this book explores the various technical data on textiles in a straightforward manner, while keeping in mind the difficulties users face in choosing their creations. <br>The first part deals with the textile industry: raw materials, spinning, weaving, knitting and finishing, without forgetting the education of the touch (the hand of the fabric) which is so important in any choice. <br>The second part helps the user to learn the vocabulary, properties, qualities and defects of each textile family: wools, cottons, silks, knits, technical and innovative fabrics. It also includes data on their ecological impact, with a summary of good practices to better respect the environment. <br>Tips, comparative tests and technical details are included to accompany the reader in his discoveries.<br><br><br>ABOUT THE AUTHOR<br><br><br>After studying literature,<b> Florence Ferrari </b>graduated from ESMOD as a fashion designer. <br>She specialised in textiles as head of the fabric library for an ESMOD subsidiary, then became a textile technology teacher, while regularly working as a consultant editor in style offices and as a journalist in the professional textile press.<br> <br>
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