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Franciscan Field Guide
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Franciscan Field Guide
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Franciscan Media
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ISBN-13: 9781632533975
Get ready to discover Franciscan flora and fauna! This handy reference book provides a complete overview of the history, major figures and locations, and most influential texts of the Franciscan tradition. From Pica Bernardone to the &ldquo;Prayer to the Trinity,&rdquo; Sister Rosemary Stets has compiled an at-your-fingertips guide to the people, places, practices, and prayers that comprise the Franciscan tradition.<BR /> <BR />Whether you&rsquo;re a new member of the order, a layperson working for a Franciscan organization, or simply someone with a Franciscan heart, you will be inspired by the rich history and deep spirituality of the Franciscan way of life.<BR /> <BR /><I>Franciscan Field Guide </I>includes sections on: <ul><li>The Franciscan family of religious orders and congregations</li><li>Franciscan gospel values</li><li>Places, symbols, and topics key to understanding the Franciscan tradition</li><li>People whose lives shaped the Franciscan story</li><li>Selected Franciscan writings and sources</li><li>Franciscan prayers</li></ul>
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