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Stand Still
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Stand Still
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ISBN-13: 9781632534019
<I>What do you do when life makes a sharp left turn?</I><BR />When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Terry Hershey found himself unexpectedly asking that question; and as a popular speaker and author, he was inundated with other people asking it too. <BR />In <I>Stand Still</I>, Hershey lays out the answer: that in every unforeseen challenge there is an invitation to pause, re-evaluate the status quo, and welcome the change of heart that is knocking on your door. &ldquo;Transformative events will be hard,&rdquo; he writes. &ldquo;So, whatever love is in your heart&hellip;Nurture it. Develop it. Grow it. Spread it.&rdquo;<BR />Through real-life stories, thoughtful reflections, and questions to meditate on, you will receive in these pages renewed perspective for a mindful approach to the present moment that can get you through any hardship. Writing in his trademark lighthearted and friendly style, Hershey will encourage you to embrace the challenges of life with hope, curiosity, and a relentless optimism that goodness can be found anywhere&mdash;yes, even right where you are today.<BR /> 
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