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Making Room
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Making Room
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Franciscan Media
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ISBN-13: 9781632533098
<B>Is your life an accurate reflection of what you believe to be most important&mdash;or do you struggle to bridge your ideals with your reality?</B><BR />  <BR /> Most of us fall short of fully living out our values, especially if they are countercultural ones like simplicity and soulfulness. As both a family man and the Executive Director of the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center in Kentucky, Kyle Kramer knows that struggle. In <I>Making Room</I> he writes not only as an eco-spiritual expert but also as a fellow pilgrim on the journey toward simplicity, which he defines as the choices that create the freedom to honor our own deepest needs, the concentric circles of human relationships, and God&rsquo;s gifts of the natural world.<BR />  Kramer explains why living simply can give you true satisfaction; how simplicity benefits you, the poor, and the earth; and tangible ways to begin living more simply in specific areas of: <ul><li>Work</li><li>Finances</li><li>Play</li><li>Relationships</li><li>Food</li><li>and more</li></ul> Let this book be your guide as you move toward a way of life that is spiritually nurturing, socially just, and environmentally sustainable.<BR /><BR />  
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