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Preschool Preparedness for After a Disaster
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Preschool Preparedness for After a Disaster
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<DIV>You can&rsquo;t stop a disaster from happening, especially when Mother Nature is the force behind it. But, you can limit the amount of time your early childhood program is closed, pick up the pieces, and return to normal as quickly as possible. The key to serving children and their families again quickly is advanced planning.</DIV><DIV><I>Preschool Preparedness for After a Disaster</I>, the third book in the Preparing for the Unexpected Series, will help your center get up and running after the worst has happened. In very approachable, bite-sized pieces, emergency-preparedness expert Andrew Roszak, JD, MPA, EMT-P, shares advice from his more than 20 years of experience in disaster recovery to help you prepare, respond, and get back on your feet quickly.</DIV>
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