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"Summary of Daniel J. Siegel & Mary Hartzell's 
Parenting from the Inside Out"
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"Summary of Daniel J. Siegel & Mary Hartzell's Parenting from the Inside Out"
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ISBN-13: 9781669363736
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 When we become parents, we bring with us issues from our past that influence the way we parent our children. These issues can easily get triggered in the parent-child relationship, and our responses toward our children can be strong emotional reactions, impulsive behaviors, or distortions in our perceptions.

#2 I had similar experiences as a parent, and found that I dreaded taking my sons to the shoe store because it meant that I would have to take them to the shoe store. I would always end up in emotional conflict about shoes.

#3 Unresolved issues are similar to leftover issues, but they are more extreme and involve a more disorganizing influence on both our internal lives and our interpersonal relationships. They are often the root of unresolved conditions.

#4 I used to feel a strange sensation when my son was an infant and he would be inconsolable in his crying. I would become terrified and impatient, instead of being calm and patient. I thought about the possibility that I had been allowed to cry for long periods in my own infancy, but I couldn’t recall this consciously.
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