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Getting started with Keynote
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Getting started with Keynote
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ISBN-13: 9782490275724
Welcome to Keynote, the presentation manager for the Mac.&nbsp;This book is intended to anywone who wants to manipulate slides to express ideas better, both orally and in writing. You will learn how to insert and manipulate texts, images, shapes, videos and many other objects. You'll save time by using layouts that apply any changes to all slides.&nbsp;Keynote enables you to present information with customized effects, such as transitions and animations. You will discover the main communication techniques that are the basis of a successful presentation.<br><br><br>ABOUT THE AUTHOR<br><br><br><b>Rémy Lentzner</b> has been an IT trainer since 1985. Specialized in mastering office automation tools, he supports companies in the professional training of their employees. Self-taught, he has several computer books to his credit.<br>
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