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iPhone & iPad iOS 10
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iPhone & iPad iOS 10
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ISBN-13: 9781423237587
<DIV>A significant update, iOS 10, Apple&rsquo;s latest mobile operating system, is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Though the Apple iOS has integrated more help making the products more user-friendly, this guide will maximize use of features that you may not know are even there. Whether you are using your Apple device for school, personal, or business use, the features covered in this 6-page guide will ensure you are using your device to its fullest potential. Screen shots and icons are included, along with clear and concise instructions.<BR /> Topics covered include:<ul><li>User Interface</li><li>New Features in iOS 10</li><li>Privacy & Security</li><li>Essential Tools & Settings</li><li>Sharing</li><li>Notifications</li><li>Keyboard</li><li>Siri</li><li>Messages</li><li>Mail</li><li>Photos & Camera</li><li>iCloud & iCloud Drive</li><li>Multitasking</li><li>Wallet & Apple Pay</li><li>Backing Up Your Device</li><li>Handoff</li><li>System Updates</li></ul>Suggested uses: <ul><li>Personal  &ndash; Understand how to secure yourself and your data, find very helpful features you never knew existed</li><li>Family &ndash; Secure family devices locking down certain features for kid&rsquo;s phones, use iPhone/iPad as a tracking device, plus find or erase data on lost devices</li><li>Employers &ndash; give your employees a guide to maximize the use and your ROI on company communication investments</li></ul></DIV>
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