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ISBN-13: 9781423237198
<DIV>Our best-selling comprehensive 6 page laminated guide is the perfect resource to help phlebotomy (venipuncture) students understand those procedures that enable blood draw/testing to be safe and comfortable for patients. Different forms of testing, equipment and other aspects of phlebotomy are explored in detail. Includes easy-to-read tables and diagrams. Each section features &ldquo;The Phlebotomist Knows&rdquo; summary of critical points, set off graphically for easy reference. As customers have said this guide has "everything you need to know for phlebotomy.<BR /> Topics covered includes:<ul><li>Overview &ndash; Routine Venipuncture</li><li>How Phlebotomy is Performed</li><li>Circulatory System</li><li>Blood Tests<ul><li>Types of Specimens</li><li>Common Blood Tests</li><li>Common Chemistry Tests & Panels</li><li>Table of Test Types & Purpose</li></ul></li><li>Phlebotomy Tools, Techniques & Equipment<ul><li>Blood Collection Basics</li><li>Tourniquets</li><li>Gloves</li><li>Needles</li><li>Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes</li><li>Tube Additives</li><li>Order of Blood Draw</li></ul></li><li>Order of Blood Draw</li><li>Color-Coded Tops for Blood Draw</li><li>Glossary of Phlebotomy Terminology</li></ul></DIV>
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