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Getting started with Pages
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Getting started with Pages
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ISBN-13: 9782490275700
Welcome to Pages, the word processing for the Mac. This book is intended to anyone who wants to format any document. You will learn how to manipulate the working environment, margins, headers and footers, numbering, indenting paragraphs, breaks, columns, formatting text, tables, lists, printing the document and managing comments which can be useful in a collaborative context. You will study the styles that are essential for managing a very long document and the table of contents. You will appreciate the ease with which media files can be inserted into the text. Moreover, existing templates can save you a lot of time.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br><br><br>ABOUT THE AUTHOR<br><br><br><b>Rémy Lentzner</b> has been a computer trainer since 1985. Specialised in the mastery of office automation tools, he assists companies in the professional training of their employees. Self-taught, he has several computer books to his credit<br>
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