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Schuman report on Europe
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Schuman report on Europe
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Marie B
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ISBN-13: 9791093576398
<b>A complete book to understand better the affairs of the European Union in 2019, drafted by specialists.</b><br><br>The Schuman Report 2019 on the State of the Union offers a complete panorama of the European Union.<br><br><b>The latest edition of this reference book is an update on the many challenges the European Union will face in 2019.</b><br><br>EXTRAIT<br><br>2019 will mark a decisive turning point for the European Union.<br>The renewal of all of the European institutions, in an extremely specific international context, will provide an opportunity for decisive choices.<br>American withdrawal and Chinese ambitions are challenging Europe.<br>Will it assert its place and role amongst the three major centres of power in the world? Will Russia’s excesses, Turkey’s digressions and the instability on its borders convince it that there cannot be strong diplomacy without credible military power? <br>Will the emergence of Africa lead Europeans to rethink their relations with the continent of youth, based on understanding and fraternity?<br>These challenges cannot be ignored and will have to be overcome.<br>They will certainly force the Union to launch major reform.<br>European integration has succeeded well beyond all expectation, going beyond the hopes and dreams of its founders.<br><br>À PROPOS DE L'AUTEUR<br><br><b>Pascale Joannin</b> is managing director of the Schuman Fondation.
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