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Compliance Tools
Compliance Tools
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Compliance Law is defined by the Monumental Goals it pursues.<br /><br />Willingly or by force, companies must structure themselves and act to reach them. In a major and global transformation, they are thereby becoming transparent, making Compliance Tools visible.<br /><br />Emphasizing the unity of these Tools promotes a unified legal regime, while adapting them country by country, sector by sector, company by company. Understanding these Compliance Tools to anticipate the assessment made by Regulators, Supervisors and Courts, and the provisions of future texts, while companies are invited to invent new ones, is hopefully more appropriate.<br /><br />General perspectives through which risk maps, compliance programs, deals and judicial agreements, ad hoc training, algorithms, audits, sanctions, controls, whistleblowing, collective actions, etc. are scrutinized. Co-published with the <a title="Journal of Regulation & Compliance" href="" target="_blank">Journal of Regulation & Compliance</a>.