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Selling Canadian Books in India
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Selling Canadian Books in India
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ISBN-13: 9781988769103
India is an exciting territory with an active publishing market. According to a recent study, globally India is the third largest English language market for books and the size of the Indian industry is estimated to be around $6.76 billion. A heterogeneous and robust market growing at a rapid rate, India is an excellent destination for international publishers especially in terms of opportunities it offers in print and digital publications with a significant market for translations, textbooks, and more.

Drawing on extensive research and interviews with Indian industry players, this report delivers key insights on reading habits, multilingual publishing, and popular genres.

This market guide includes information on:

- Status of the market

- Key publishers

- Formats and pricing

- Reading habits and regional languages

- Sales channels

- Opportunities and challenges of local distribution

- Rights sales

- Book fairs and events
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