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Selling Canadian Books in Korea
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Selling Canadian Books in Korea
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ISBN-13: 9781927784921
Selling Canadian Books in Korea provides valuable information and strategies to build your distribution networks and rights sales. As the world’s 15th largest economy, Korea is an attractive international market for Canadian publishers. Its 50 million inhabitants (including nearly 2 million expatriates) have an advanced lifestyle that is setting trends around the world and attracting considerable cultural attention.

Learn which genres have the most potential; who the major publishers, sub-agents agents and distributors are; and how best to promote your books to buyers across all levels of the industry.

This market guide includes information on:

- Demographics and reading habits

- Korean publishers

- Formats and pricing

- The digital book market

- Sales channels

- Distribution channels

- Best practices

- Rights sales

- Book fairs and key events

- Discoverability

- Appendices with key company profiles and contact information are included.
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