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Distribution and Sales in the UK
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Distribution and Sales in the UK
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ISBN-13: 9781927784266
Distribution and Sales in the UK: A Guide for Canadian Publishers draws on a survey of UK distributors to identify ways in which Canadian publishers can most efficiently obtain distribution for their books in the UK marketplace. This updated guide looks more deeply at the issues raised in that work: why is it often so difficult to obtain satisfactory distribution and sales arrangements in the UK? What do Canadian publishers need to do to attract the attention of the right suppliers? How can these relationships be used to best achieve increased sales? This guide also builds on the 2012 report Selling Canadian Books in the UK which highlighted many of the problems confronted by Canadian publishers in breaking into the UK market. This extensive distribution and sales report:

- Outlines recent changes in UK distribution

- Provides practical advice and recommendations for choosing a UK distributor and sales agent

- Details how to set up product information and data flows with sales ages and distributors in the UK but also with Nielsen and other data aggregators

- Discusses UK subject classification

- Highlights recent developments in print-on-demand and digital products

- Provides a detailed appendix of UK distribution and sales organization
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