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Such Miracles and Mischiefs
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Such Miracles and Mischiefs
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Breakwater Books Ltd
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ISBN-13: 9781550819038
<p><strong >Colonists come face to face with Indigenous Americans, enslaved Africans, and pirates as they struggle to build a life in North America.</strong></p>

<p><em>Such Miracles and Mischiefs</em>, the second book in the Cupids trilogy, adventures across the first three English colonies in the Americas—Newfoundland, Virginia, and Bermuda—and highlights women’s colonial experience. After pirates attack the Guy family’s plantation near Cupids, Nancy Ellis needs all her ingenuity to survive in the hands of lawless men. Ned Perry crosses the ocean to find her, while Nancy’s employer and friend, Kathryn Guy, must rebuild a home on the harsh shores of the New Found Land.</p>
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