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10 True Tales: 9/11 Heroes
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10 True Tales: 9/11 Heroes
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Scholastic Inc.
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ISBN-13: 9780545463492
Ten true stories of real-life heroes during the attacks on 9/11!<P></P>When Captain Jay Jonas of the Fire Department of New York hears an emergency radio message about the World Trade Center, he has no idea of the terrible conditions he and his team will face. Arriving at the burning building, the firefighters must summon all their courage. On the same morning, just outside Washington, D.C., a jetliner piloted by terrorists slams into the Pentagon. Can Colonel Philip McNair save lives inside the flaming building?From the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to a hijacked plane above Pennsylvania, these ten stories of true American heroes on the day that changed America -- September 11, 2001.
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