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Grading women's garments
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Grading women's garments
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ISBN-13: 9782909617978
<b>Enlarging or reducing a sewing pattern - Grading women's garments fashion book</b><br><br>This book, the third stage in our ”Become a Pattern drafter / Women’s garments"" series, completes the creation of garments developed earlier using a point-by-point explanation of how to move from one size to the other.<br><br>Conceived to respond to the needs of today’s clothing and fashion industry, it also addresses individuals passionate about sewing thanks to the choice of models used which can serve as examples for creating a multitude of other designs.<br><br>ABOUT THE AUTHOR<br><br>A patternmaker in the clothing industry and then a trainer for the LECTRA company, <b>Nathalie Coppin</b> currently gives all CAD classes in patternmaking at ESMOD Paris. She was thus the best person to write this book on methods for grading.
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