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Human rights challenges in the digital age
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Human rights challenges in the digital age
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ISBN-13: 9789287190079
The digital space is a powerful enabler for more inclusive democratic discourse, participation and policy-making. At the same time, digitisation comes with new challenges.

The abundance of data in the online space and powerful algorithm-based technologies pose serious risks to privacy, as well as to other interrelated human rights. The trans-border nature of the Internet itself presents significant legislative and judicial challenges for existing legal and institutional frameworks.

This book follows on from the June 2019 seminar paying tribute to the outstanding contribution of Lawrence Early, Jurisconsult of the European Court of Human Rights, as he was about to retire. The seminar brought together members of the judiciary and prominent legal practitioners and academics, as well as representatives of European institutions and non-governmental organisations. Speakers from different legal systems and jurisdictions exchanged views on the ways to address the complexity that protection of human rights online presents for the judiciary. The seminar focused on three major subjects: judicial protection of freedom of expression and the right to privacy in the digital environment; the concept of jurisdiction in the World Wide Web; and the implications of Big Data.

Given the breadth and significance of the issues arising in this complex, technical and fast-evolving area, the publication of these keynote contributions will undoubtedly inform further reflection on these matters by judges, legislators, experts and, perhaps most importantly, the general public.
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