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A Stab at Life
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A Stab at Life
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Baraka Books
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ISBN-13: 9781771862189
A series of murders in Montreal park near the Gursky Memorial Hospital have Nurse Annie Linton and Detective Gilles Bellechasse hopping. Suspects include a vigilante group fighting drug dealers, a jealous husband, competing drug dealers, and a mysterious woman of whom nude drawings turn up in a murder victim’s bedroom. Annie Linton, a nurse turned sleuth, reveals excellent diagnostic skills critical in solving the crime.

Former bookseller Richard King has created two memorable characters in A Stab at Life. No other mystery writer has made a nurse (a woman) the lead character and situated the action in a hospital milieu. King’s mysteries are reminiscent of the originators of the mystery genre, writers such as Agatha Christie and Rex Stout and modern writers such as Robert Goldsborough and Louise Penny. A Stab at Life will delight murder mystery fans and have them waiting impatiently for the next in the series.

“…he has talent, wit and Montreal.” Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail

“A Stab at Life is a top-notch Montreal crime tale. When it comes to masterful storytelling, Richard is King.” Andreas Kessaris, bookseller and author of The Butcher of Park Ex & Other Semi-Truthfull Tales
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