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Getting started with Javascript
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Getting started with Javascript
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ISBN-13: 9782490275427
In this book you will learn how to write the JavaScript code. This language is used to control the web pages elements that are designed with HTML tags. You will discover the objects structure and their interaction inside the DOM (Document Object Model) that is represented by a tag tree. You will practice variables, conditional expressions and loops thanks to several workshops. You will study the methods that handle texts, numbers and dates. JavaScript enables you to manage events that occur in the web page, such as a mouse click or an exit from a field. The duo JavaScript/HTML has many assets that will help you to control your web pages better.<br><br>À PROPOS DE L'AUTEUR<br><br><b>Remy Lentzner</b> has been a computer trainer since 1985. Specialized in mastering office automation tools, he supports companies in the professional training of their employees. Self-taught, he has fifteen computer books to his credit.
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