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Conversations About Social Psychology
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Conversations About Social Psychology
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ISBN-13: 9781771701259
FIVE BOOKS IN ONE! This collection includes the following 5 complete Ideas Roadshow books featuring leading researchers providing fully accessible insights into cutting-edge academic research while revealing the inspirations and personal journeys behind the research. A detailed preface highlights the connections between the different books and all five books are broken into chapters with a detailed introduction and questions for discussion at the end of each chapter:

I. Being Social - A conversation with Roy Baumeister, Professor of Psychology at the University of Queensland. This thought-provoking conversation explores Roy Baumeister’s unique combination of biological and psychological thinking from recognizing essential energetic factors involved with willpower and decision-making, to framing free will in evolutionary biological terms to measuring the numbness associated with social rejection as a form of analgesic response, and more.

II. Mindsets: Growing Your Brain - A conversation with Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. This extensive conversation provides behind-the-scenes, detailed insights into the development of Carol Dweck’s important work on growth mindsets and fixed mindsets: how different ways of thinking influence learning ability and success.

III. The Mind-Body Problem - A conversation with Janko Tipsarevic, founder and CEO of Tipsarevic Tennis Academy in Belgrade, Serbia. Janko Tipsarevic is a former professional tennis player, with a career-high singles ranking of world No. 8. Find out what it takes to achieve excellence in professional sports, what mindset is needed to reach one’s true potential and a penetrating and inspirational window into the social psychology of professional tennis.

IV. The Science of Emotions - A conversation with Barbara Fredrickson, Professor of Psychology at the UNC at Chapel Hill. Topics covered by this extensive conversation include Barbara’s work on the science of positive emotions, including her broaden-and-build theory, the undoing effect and upward spirals, while highlighting relevant evolutionary-driven hypotheses together with measurement details of empirical studies.

V. Critical Situations - A conversation with Philip Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Stanford University. Philip Zimbardo relates his intriguing life history and the survival techniques that he developed from the particular dynamics of his upbringing in the Bronx to his quarantine experiences and the impact that the different experiences in his youth had on the development of his personal situational awareness and how that influenced his psychological research, and more.

Howard Burton is the creator and host of Ideas Roadshow and was the Founding Executive Director of Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.
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