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Exploring Autism - A Conversation with Uta Frith
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Exploring Autism - A Conversation with Uta Frith
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Open Agenda Publishing inc.
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ISBN-13: 9781771700504
This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and one of the world’s leading experts on autism Uta Frith, Professor of Cognitive Development at University College London. Topics that are examined in this extensive conversation are what autism actually is, the reasons behind the increased number of diagnoses over the last few years, autism spectrum disorders, Asperger’s syndrome, mentalizing, brain imaging to research the cognitive and neurobiological bases of autism and more.

This carefully-edited book includes an introduction, The Autistic Condition, and questions for discussion at the end of each chapter:

I. Assessing the Landscape - An autism epidemic?

II. Searching for a Definition - Innate vs. conscious understanding

III. A Stunning Result - Learning from dolls

IV. Looking Inside - Brain-imaging technology and its impact

V. Vaccines - Correlation vs. causation

VI. Probing the Spectrum - Big and little pictures

VII. Gender - A provocative speculation

VIII. Ways Forward - Some concrete approaches

About Ideas Roadshow Conversations Series:

This book is part of an expanding series of 100+ Ideas Roadshow conversations, each one presenting a wealth of candid insights from a leading expert in a focused yet informal setting to give non-specialists a uniquely accessible window into frontline research and scholarship that wouldn't otherwise be encountered through standard lectures and textbooks. For other books in this series visit our website:
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