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Fire in the Firefly
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Fire in the Firefly
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ISBN-13: 9781459733336
<b>A wicked Richleresque satire about a charismatic advertising executive and the three beautiful women who turn his life upside down.</b><br/><br/>

Julius Roebuck is the creative director of a successful ad agency, husband to the headstrong Anne, and father to three lively children. He is also the attentive lover of a poet named Lily.<br/><br/>

When his wife’s beautiful friend Yasmin announces her plan to get pregnant and describes him as the perfect sperm donor, Julius is startled at first. Then he decides that if she wants his DNA, she must also want <i>him</i>. Julius would have no trouble hopping into bed with Yasmin, but more children are out of the question. When he has a secret vasectomy to ensure there are no mistakes, his already-complicated life spirals out of control …


<i>Fire in the Firefly</i> is a wickedly funny satire about love, relationships, and the perennial war between the sexes.
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