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Culinary Competition
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Culinary Competition
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629784083



??????????“???”????????????????????????????????????????????……<p>"Culinary Competition": It is a thrilling legend with fright. In March "famous building" will be held in Yangzhou. Each boast is stunt in three restaurants, delicious food were inextricably involved. At the moment, situation changed, mysterious Swordsman from Beijing suddenly appeared. Three restaurants were sincerely convinced. But the mysterious swordsman did not stop there, decidedly in the Slender West Lake side placed under "Moonlight Feast," single challenge Yangzhou Cuisine! </p><p>Yangzhou kitchen industry faced an impasse. They find out "Yi Dao Xian" who has disappeared eight years. He could made the first royal seal of Qianlong personally dish "Yan Hua in March" two hundred years ago. This could reverse the situation. </p><p>Unexpectedly, this is the mysterious swordsman trying hard to set the purpose of this Board! </p><p>In order to bet on the final battle, whether "Yi Dao Xian" will do so to save the situation at stake? The legendary first famous dish, actually has the relationship between the north and south two hundred families Chefs scores ......</p>
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