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Ask,My Love!
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Ask,My Love!
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ISBN-13: 9781629783789



?????????????????????????????????????????????“??”??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????<p>Is it right to take people as spare tires?</p><p>Not all people in love are in good relationships. Sometimes, one does not have the right feeling with the guy met on the blind date; sometimes, one does not feel safe when the other side is fickle in love; and sometimes, the outstanding men in love with the beautiful, rich women, they always find others to be the spare tires. Can we find the spare tires in love? How to do it without any uneasy feeling?</p><p>Frankly set the rules of the game, let the spare tires make their choice. It is clearly unethical and illegal selfishness to let others to be the spare tires. However, right now, it is to discuss how to make people feel easy to do the "bad things". Firstly, we have to face the reality, although the spare tire phenomenon is sad, it actually exists. Secondly, things take turns. The one who takes others as the spare tire, sometimes, he himself is the spare tire of others, or he would face the painful situation someday.</p>
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