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Death notice  Foreordination Vol 1-2
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Death notice Foreordination Vol 1-2
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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“????????????????????????”<p>"Death notice--Foreordination": In the race of the Luo Fei and Eumenides, former police captain was arrested. The huge business group force was restructured. The real murder of the murder case some years ago that feared all girls in the city gradually surfaced......Eumenides explored the truth of his father's death, which affects many changes of the fate, also has become the focus of the fight between Luo Fei and him!</p><p>Eighteen years ago, what kind of the truth, let the mob of justice with the wizards, turn into a ruthless killer?</p><p>Eighteen years later, what kind of causation, let a new generation of the death sentence, unable to escape his fate of responsibility?</p><p>They are, without exception, set foot on the fate of the road......</p><p>Luo Fei quietly threw out the chip. The truth was hidden in police legend tor many years. Eumenides mystery story, whether can be the last of his salvation?</p><p>-- that is deep hatred, one had to report hate.</p><p>Will he insist the Master inheritance of faith, or abandon clinging to end the killings?</p><p>Tender girl sent the last relics to master, the choice of Eumenides is about to be revealed! But Luo Fei, in the fight with Eumenides face to face, what is his choice?</p><p>"We all have the same objective, but we are in very different life and death camps."</p><p>"Evil is the enemy of all of us, but we cannot become friends."</p>
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