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Cai Jun Mystery Magazine: Mystery World • Out of focus
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Cai Jun Mystery Magazine: Mystery World • Out of focus
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629782225

????????“???”?????????????????????????????“????”????????????????????????????????????? ?????<p>"Mystery World" is the king of Chinese suspense journals, has a wide range of knowledge and influence in suspense class readers. In 2011 September, Mr. Cai Jun founded the "Mystery world" magazine in Shanghai, and served as the editor in chief. In 2013 May, "Mystery World” Journal entirely upgraded for digital publication. With "let the suspense into the palace" as the direction, in the choice of best-selling works at the same time, made it clear of the new position of "on literature, on thought, on humanities", high quality contribution standards became an independent school in suspense books; and became the first domestic commercial digital publishing that give up paper.</p> <p>"Mystery World" respects "Pan suspense" concept, including: suspense, thriller, reasoning, Gert and other types of fiction category, includes many "Pan suspense class" masterpieces and rookie news, and has more cooperation in the field of copyright.</p>
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