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31 degrees north latitude videos
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31 degrees north latitude videos
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????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????……<p>"31 degrees north latitude videos" Introduction: The 31 degree north latitude line is incredible. On this line, there lies the mysterious mystery like the pyramid, Babylon, Maya, Bermuda, the existence of Sanxingdui. Every year, there are dozens of cases of disappearances happening in Shennongjia that also lies on the 31 degree north latitude line. And in most of the cases, there is no body could be found no matter the person alive or dead. A team of Discovery Channel documentary crew was to film the legendary Savage and got deeply into the depopulated zone of the virgin forest in Shennongjia but none of them come out¡­. Director A Gan who was invited to buy herbs picked up the video in the virgin forest. Occupation sensitive told him that there must be some secret in the video. He tried to find the machine to read the video in the small town but by accident it was watched by others in advance. Then, terrorist staged, the people who watched the video all went dead. With the process, the truth disclosed little by little¡­</p>
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