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Dead of the wing
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Dead of the wing
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ISBN-13: 9781629781266
1921?1???????????·????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????——?????????????????????????????????????????????????????“??????????????” ????????????????????????????“??”?????????????? ??????????????????????????·????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????·??????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-??????????????????????????????????<p>"In January 1921, the British archaeologist Howard Carter Dr. unearthed ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun 's tomb in Valley of the Kings in Egypt, and digged out tens of thousands of ancient treasures as well, which shocked the world. However, no one would have expected that what was waiting for the archaeological team was the strange disasters instead of the wealth and fame -- except for Carter, anyone else in this team was dead without any reason, and even Dr. Carter's daughter hanged herself dead on the following Christmas day, her only words was: "I could no longer bear the torture of the Pharaoh ." </p><p>To explore the death of his companions and loved ones, Dr. Carter spent a lifetime to study so-called "curse", but eventually died as well!</p><p>After nearly a century, Carter's great-grandson, Dr. Andrea Carter, the Archaeology in University of Edinburgh, accidentally found an old note from Carter, and found that the study his great-grandfather did was not in vain, the hints written on the note were the way to the truth. So, Andrea, Sakurai Sakurai and Johnny Las Bronte went to Egypt to explore the treasures.</p><p>But the trip was not easy, they soon caught up in a chain of puzzles set by Egyptian pharaoh. Meanwhile, a mysterious young men Leo with extraordinary skill - also followed them secretly, who also wanted to get the greatest treasures in human history ."</p>
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