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All over the world to find deception
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All over the world to find deception
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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????“????????????????????????”<p>A Germanic Polish teenager with the passion for equestrian went to Germany to learn horsemanship, but worshipped a Japanese woman as a teacher. Kimono, cherry, tea ...... elements of Japanese culture and Western equestrian actually have the perfect meeting point. The mysterious Janpanese beauty conquered the Western Junior depending on dressage" ...... However, behind the women's pay, there was a deep bizarre conspiracy. Was the mysterious oriental woman a human being? A ghost? Or a demon? This book will reveal everything. San Ke Yue Xia, a legendary writer with lots of stories, a traveler travling all over the world, an interviewer good at unbelievable anecdotes around the world and a famous mystery writer. This book either tells the experience or paraphrases what he sees and hears on the trip, but are all fantanstic! The feelings expressing in this book are the wealth and pride owned by one who really travels. Just as what he introduces in his blog:"Including eternal things, knowing the depth; not afraid to be stolen, only fear not pleasant to the eyes."</p>
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