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Cai Jun Mystery Magazine: Mystery World · Plunder
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Cai Jun Mystery Magazine: Mystery World · Plunder
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629780726
Editor favorite:Cai Jun tells about the psychological course, telling you "what death is";Amazingly time settings make long aftertaste after reading. The plot is disgrace, please directly read "the alibi paradox";Suspense famous book by NingHangyi, bizarre commissioned by universal firm,is eye-opening and unable to stop.Content abstract:Death is what||Cai JunDictionary says: Death is a phenomenon of life relative to the existence of life forms that maintain a permanent termination of the biological survival of all biological functions.Humans (mystery)Firm-things of floodwater|| Ning HangyiThey decided to set up a firm can help people to solve all problems, so here staged many incredible bizarre story.Alibi paradox || Song XuanA bizarre criminal case, several letters in prison reveal that some secret past: the evil secrets and secrets of time.Slough || Garuda FirewingWhat is wrapped around the entire spring? Fate has been ready to cross the rubicon and reverse.Witnessed || Yan QiThe truth of serve, sometimes because, you see the whole world, but just could not see yourself.Comic: "Lotus" || Yan QimenI saw a strange red lotus flower when I was very young. So I doubt my memories is wrongAbout the author:Editor: Cai Jun editorDate Added: 2013-06-01 "Mystery World" the most famous Chinese suspense journal, has an extensive degree of knowledge and influence in the audience on suspense. In September 2011, Mr. Cai Jun in Shanghai founded the "Mystery World" magazine, and served as editor. In May 2013, "Mystery World" journal published a comprehensive upgrade to digital, based on the direction of "Let suspense go into the palace " for the magazine, when they did the choice of the best-selling works, they made it clear of a "biased towards literature, emphasis on thinking, humanistic emphasis on "new positioning, high quality standards soliciting unique in suspense readings; and this book becomes the first to abandon paper journals, all-digital publishing future-oriented business publication."Mystery World" respects "Extensive suspense" concept, including reasoning, gothic, horror, etc., collecting many "Extensive-suspense" Rookie of famous writers and new works, and having more cooperation in the field of copyright. For more the latest update, please pay attention to the official blog: / mixiaoshuo, Submission E-mail :
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