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Cai Jun mystery novels: The killer's story
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Cai Jun mystery novels: The killer's story
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629780689
An insurance company clerk with a Kafkaesque writer’s dream,for unbearable people's contempt and indifference, wrote down the person he wanted to kill in his QQ space that he imagined the details of murder to achieve the pleasure of revenge. But he was surprised to find in real life that the people he wanted to kill were in the way he described dying one by one......The novel tells of a sophisticated serial murder, like dirge song about love and humanity. Cai Jun, China’s most popular suspense novelist, is the magazine and website editor of "Mystery World" and the member of Chinese Writers’ Association. He has published "River of Life and Death," "Hell," "Murder AO1:AO13"19 layers of hell," "Deserted apartment", and other novels. He has written 17 long stories, and 3 collections of short stories. As of 2013, with total sales exceeded Works 8.5 million, he has been maintaining the highest-selling suspense novel Chinese record in nine consecutive years.Cai Jun works are known as with unrestrained imagination, suspense and fascinating strict logic, not only won tens of millions of worldwide Chinese regional favorite readers, but also are translated into English, Russian, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and other languages and published. Many of Cai Jun works have been adapted for film, TV. He owns "Mystery World", "Jun Cai Studio" in publishing, film and television brands.
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