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Cai Jun mystery novels: Lover's head
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Cai Jun mystery novels: Lover's head
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629780580
The author is looking for the eternal love in the maze between time and space, but the flower of love blooms at the certain time, human is destined to having unsolved sorrows. "The lover's head" was everlasting, the soul was immortal. He only loved one lady for thousands of years; she was with "The lover's head" until going to the grave. The mysterious white cat turned to the beautiful girl every night, but could the person falling in love with Cat drop the knife from South Spring monk? The lady in white dress skirted the guard and walked to the gate. She came to the high battlement, the whole city and the central palace were right in the front. Seeing along with the battlement, she pulled a rope with a head until she held that head in her arms. "The Lover's head" is the short stories' feast in literature time, showing the word magic in an aureate style of writing and playing the love legend without peer in this generation.
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