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Cai Jun mystery novels: Cat eye
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Cai Jun mystery novels: Cat eye
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629780542
Tong Nian and Yuer were the lovers, they decided to leave the town that they had been living for many years and moved to Tong's old house in Shanghai. The house was dark and had been vacant for years, each door had peephole, it looked staled and strange. Yuer dreamed getting a necklace made of cat's eye gemstones, and she had that necklace in her hand after waking up. During this period of time, murders happened frequently, all victims were young single woman, the killer was very cold-blooded and cruel. The modus operandi was completely the same as serial murder happened in sixty-six years ago...... Cases were gradually related to Tong's house and that mysterious cat's eye gemstons necklace.
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