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Cai Jun mystery novels: Village return
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Cai Jun mystery novels: Village return
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629780467
"Village" return tells the story of after six months since the publication of "Village apartment", "I" received a strange receipt from book fans party - a strange circle filled in the name column. At the same time, "I" received a seeking help message from a university student Su Tianping, who is one of the survivors from the village. At his home, "I" found there was a strange circle in the window, which is same as the circle of book fans party's receipt.The ancient village is apparently related, Liangzhu curse may still not be solved."I" and Chun Yu found an important clue in Su Tianping's computer, a DV material with a breathtaking beautiful face. Her name is A Huan, the last queen of ancient Kingdom Liangzhu. A Huan faced to shaky camera said she can live seven days only. But after a few hours, "I" mysteriously met a waitress in pub, Lin You, with the same face as A Huan.In order to see beloved Xiao Zhi again, "I" couldn't help listen to A Huan, wore the village's jade ring, but "I" neglected six days have been passed since the accident of Su Tianping.Only the last twenty-four hours."I" and Chun Yu had to go Village again.Although the logic reasoning seems almost perfect, but the finale changes in an instant......Continuation of clues of best-selling novel "Village apartment", the whole story shows a big suspense from the beginning, the protagonist is forced into the anxiety of "reveal the answer in finite time, otherwise the event will happen". Relationship between characters is perplexing, plot goes mountains and ridges. In the virtual world of suspense, love is the eternal theme throughout history and reality.Back from village, jade ring spell is always haunting. It is the resurrection of queen's soul, or a war of dual personality? Maybe the devil and angel use the same body. Whether love can be used as a selfish excuse, even at the cost of life? Nearly perfect reasoning encountered the guess and criticism of human nature, finale instantly changes......
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