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Cai Jun mystery novels: Fifteen years ago the murder
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Cai Jun mystery novels: Fifteen years ago the murder
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629780344
It was a summer night, it rained cats and dogs. A bizarre murder case happened in the grocery store opposite to Nan Ming senior high school. The only witness is decedent’s son who was 13 years old. Fifteen years later, the case has not yet been solved; the police who is responsible for the case was died of the duty. During the preparation of funeral, Tian Xiaomai, the daughter of the police accidently found her father's legacy manual, about the weapon used in the murder case 15 years ago: a strange purple scarves.To complete his father's last wish, play theme song of the former East Germany detective drama "Illusion" in the funeral. Thereafter, Tian Xiaomai found a Taobao shop "you can buy everything you want ", but involuntarily involved in complex case. With the deepening of the investigation, an extremely strange serial murder case, a social tragedy caused by era and a love pure to despair gradually showed.Time goes by; the real murder is still unpunished, leaving infinite sadness and last hope! For a 13 years old girl and her beloved boy, how to span 15 years' gap to track the real murderer?
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