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Cai Jun Mystery Magazine: Mystery World  different memory
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Cai Jun Mystery Magazine: Mystery World different memory
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629780283
Cai Jun's series "The memories of bat" and Li Ximin's exclusive series "Sister's cemetery";"One of the best novelists of 70's" - Lu Nei, presents his new novel "the first generation ID card";Takashi Yusuke's novel and the adaptation film's review - the dark work that full of controversy in Japan, "LianShi's classroom" (original name "lesson of the evil"), what is true evil? The same name film review, analyze social tragedy of unavoidable evil human nature;The Japanese literary legend, Shukawa Minato, "Day of leaves" - When two strangers meet, there are not only love. Reveal unknown past of each other, it is the confession? Despair? Or sin? How will they choose? What is the ending in your eyes?More wonders are in the August issue of "Mystery World: different memory".
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