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Cai Jun mystery novels: the sound of a flute at Midnight
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Cai Jun mystery novels: the sound of a flute at Midnight
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629780245
Seven years later, on the first day when the single mother Chi Cui moved into a dilapidated residential building with her son, she found a corpse on its rooftop. At the same time, children in the neighborhood mysteriously disappeared at midnight one after another accompanied by a thrilling flute sound, and the legendary ghost child also started haunting in the dark... which reminded people of this city the horrible tale about "flute sound at midnight" more than five decades ago...Flutist Su Xing once owned a mysterious flute, which was said to cause catastrophe like opening Pandora’s Box once it was blown. However, the treasured flute vanished all of a sudden...The flute sound came again with terror diffuse over the city.
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