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Cai Jun mystery novels: The 19 floors of hell
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Cai Jun mystery novels: The 19 floors of hell
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629780221
Chun Yu, a female senior student who had a narrow escape from a deserted village, miraculously recovered from mental breakdown. Since she received a text message “do you know what is in the 19th layer of the hell?” she was inexplicably caught in an utmost horrible and inextricable hell game. Her friends and classmates who had received the same mysterious message suffered misfortune one after another, and GAME OVER in different play stages.Therefore, Chun Yu decided to unveil the hell secret in person. Gao Xuan, a handsome young art teacher came into her life, and traveled together to an ancient cave for the mural which concealed answer. When nearly killed to death by the deepest hostility towards her stepfather, Chun Yu was awakened from nightmare by deep and intense love of Gao Xuan.However, the initiator behind hell game was far more evil than that.The original sins of greed, jealousy, selfishness or anger existed in everyone’s heart. Once tempted, truth revealed, they would be subject to uncontrollable abnormal actions ---falling into the hell is the harsh penalty for inner demon.What is waiting in the 19th layer of the hell?
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