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Cai Jun mystery novels: Butterfly cemetery
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Cai Jun mystery novels: Butterfly cemetery
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629780207
It was said that every city had a mysterious "butterfly cemetery" which everyone wanted to find, for it could help realize your dream on condition of your own soul as collateral. However, all those who came to the butterfly cemetery would pay with their lives...The survivor of a traffic accident left video and diary, but suddenly disappeared. An extremely ugly female college student Zhang Xiaodie launched an exploration tour. Amazing discovery that the poisonous butterfly "ghost beauty" which had been declared extinct in scientific community still existed in certain corner of the earth...On the wasteland near the S University of China, a "ghost beauty" murder case which happened several decades ago quietly surfaced…The legendary "semi-butterfly person" did exist!All the above will appear in the latest horror mystery novel "Butterfly cemetery"; ravishing beauty concealed terror and malevolence; if one day, you find the "butterfly cemetery"...
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