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Cai Jun mystery novels: Secret Volume IV: last judgment
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Cai Jun mystery novels: Secret Volume IV: last judgment
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629780184
The mists dispersed, and the answer was unveiled: in the end came the final trial. On the huge stage in Nanming city, "God" directed a reality show which met human psychological needs to look into their own desire and dilemma, in which all members of the tour group were subject to trial in the spotlight. Did they actually commit "seven deadly sins"? Someone who mysteriously disappeared; unexpectedly appeared and finally corpse was found in the mortuary; someone already dead came back to life, but died again. Someone was shot to death by "God" who was also sentenced to death… In the world of mysterious messages, humanity was tortured; "God" authority was overthrown. At last night, whether the survivors could start a new life through "future" door inside the great Demon Temple? Mysterious message was not to be divulged until the last moment…
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