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Cai Jun mystery novels: Secret Volume III: ghost town night
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Cai Jun mystery novels: Secret Volume III: ghost town night
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629780160
Fate was changed through a common travel. Although light came back the sleeping city, nightmare did not finish.Someone was afraid of light and faded to dark; someone lost their nature longtime but chose death in critical moment; someone heartbroken for love was killed by mandrill… Only 13 persons left among the tour group of 19 persons. The desire to live compelled them to find way out when they accidentally stepped into "Demon Country" sealed for eight hundred years. Along the passage inside the great Demon temple, faced with three doors, "past", "present", "future", did the destined people have chance to choose their own destinies? Would they get out of desperation or forever cursed by the prediction eight hundred years ago? To live or to die, remain unknown…
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