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Cai Jun mystery novels: Secret Volume I: Sleeping City
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Cai Jun mystery novels: Secret Volume I: Sleeping City
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Zhejiang Publishing Group
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ISBN-13: 9781629780122
On the way from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand to Lanna Tomb, a tour group from China went astray during travel, lost in a modern city surrounded by mountains with all facilities available but deserted, where time was ruthlessly fixed one year ago.A happy travel unexpectedly turned into an unfathomable doom. There was no connection with the outside world, and the only road for escape was blocked. Odd events happened one after another in seeking way out --- mandrill revenge, bulldog raid; tour guide’s tragic death on rooftop, driver blown into pieces...In such a predicament and peril, everyone away from the earth had something concealed in mind. How many secrets were actually hidden in the sleeping city? 19 originally different fates encountered in this point. Was it a man-made trap, or irresistible curse? Everyone was overwhelmed with fear for the unknown.
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