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An Appropriate Place
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An Appropriate Place
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House of Anansi Press
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ISBN-13: 9781770891166
<p>Full of the mordant wit and unflinching observations we've come to admire in Bissonette's earlier, award-winning novels and stories, <em>An Appropriate Place</em> is as much a commentary on the triumphs and self-deception of the political generation that refashioned Quebec as it is a dramatic story of one woman looking for her place within a disappointing world. </p>

<p>In this final volume of the <em>False Pretenses</em> trilogy, Gabrielle Perron quits her job as minister of cultural affairs in a sovereigntist government and retreats to the suburbs of Montreal, where she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and reconstruction. Gabrielle's search leads us through the corridors of power in Ottawa and Quebec City as well as through strife-torn Ethiopia, and ultimately to strange and deadly intersections with characters from <em>Affairs of Art</em> and <em>Following the Summer</em>.</p>
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