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Jack Taggart Mysteries 9-Book Bundle
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Jack Taggart Mysteries 9-Book Bundle
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ISBN-13: 9781459735224
<b>All nine books of the Jack Taggart Mystery series are gathered together in this bundle, including the latest mystery, <i>Art and Murder</i>.</b><br/><br/>

“Ripped from the headlines … Easton, an ex-Mountie, knows his police work.”<br/><i>— Globe and Mail</i><br/><br/>

“One of the best hard-nosed series in Canada.”<i><br/>— Hamilton Spectator</i><br/><br/>

“Swift action, sudden violence and compassion told in a style that keeps you turning the pages. Easton is a writer at the top of his game.” <br/><i>— Hamilton Spectator</i><br/><br/>

“Filled with moments of sheer terror that will keep the readers turning pages faster and faster as it builds.”<br/><i>—</i><br/><br/>


<i>Art and Murder — Jack Taggart Mystery #9</i> (NEW!)</b><br/>Undercover operative Jack Taggart of the RCMP is on a mission to find the murderer of a fellow officer. Posing as a pimp, he infiltrates an international crime syndicate led by a mysterious figure known only as the Ringmaster. His plan to find the killer is going well … until the killer IDs him first.<br/><br/>

<b><i>The Benefactor — Jack Taggart Mystery #8</i></b><br/>Jack Taggart finds himself involved with an Asian organized crime syndicate when he begins investigating a fatal hit-and-run accident. Unbeknownst to Taggart, the murder was arranged at the request of a rogue Chinese spy, who has drawn up a deadly plan to hide his trail.<br/><br/>

<b><i>Corporate Asset — Jack Taggart Mystery #7</i></b><br/>Undercover operative Taggart descends into a world of white-collar crime and murder. Setting himself up as bait to be murdered, Taggart races against time to stop a rapist and catch a serial killer.<br/><br/>

<b>And 6 more Jack Taggart titles:</b><br/><i>Birds of a Feather — Jack Taggart Mystery #6<br/>Dead Ends — Jack Taggart Mystery #5<br/>Samurai Code — Jack Taggart Mystery #4<br/>Angel in the Full Moon — Jack Taggart Mystery #3<br/>Above Ground — Jack Taggart Mystery #2<br/>Loose Ends — Jack Taggart Mystery #1</i>
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