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Discover Ontario
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Discover Ontario
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ISBN-13: 9781459732216
<b>An exploration of the unique and unusual places in Ontario that are steeped in history and folklore.</b><br/><br/>

Using updated and archival material from <i>Discover Ontario</i>, a popular radio show that ran from 1987 until 2004, author Terry Boyle invites you to explore the hidden, unusual, and unknown sites and stories from around Ontario. <br /><br/>

Revisit an era of mobsters and rum-runners during the years of prohibition. Traverse the deadly waves of the Hudson Bay and visit the watery graves of shipwrecks scattered among the province’s waterways and coastlines. Learn about Project Magnet, the Canadian government’s top-secret mission to observe and study UFOs. Discover the Ontario connection to the mysterious Crystal Skull of Indiana Jones fame. Or take a day trip to explore the beauty of the natural world and the rich history of many of Ontario’s communities. <br /><br/>

Told in a series of short vignettes drawing on a combination of local history and Canadian folklore, <i>Discover Ontario</i> reveals all this and more — a side of the province not often shared in guidebooks.
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